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The importance of podcasting in today’s society

Podcasts (online radio shows) have been gaining popularity these past few years and it is fairly evident that they will be the future of sharing information over the internet. People have less and less time to sit down and read 1000 or 2000 word articles or e books about particular subjects that interest them; so they are fervently demanding other mediums of receiving this information.

Now I know what you are thinking, haven’t videos already replaced most reading and completely taken over the market of passing along new information? While it’s obvious that videos have an enormous impact on our society today as a whole, it’s also evident that people simply don’t have enough time to sit down and watch long videos throughout the day. Podcasts on the other hand are very mobile and you can bring them along with you wherever you go such as the gym , the store or even on an airplane to replace reading books or flipping through magazines.

To give you an example of how much impact a podcast can have on society through already known individuals, we can take a look at a past television celebrity.  Joe Rogan, currently a famous comedian, used to be the host of a popular television show called Fear Factor on NBC. When the show suddenly dropped off the map, so did Joe Rogan and his famed career as a celebrity. So what did Rogan decide to do to regain his popularity with his fans? He launched his own podcast simply titled The Joe Rogan Experience. His show involved interviews with other comedians and conversations with many famous scientists, actors and artists from around the world. Despite each episode running over two and a half hours in length, he still has an audience that runs into the hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe. The JRE was also voted the Best Comedy Podcast of 2012 on iTunes and continues to grow in popularity.

Be sure to check out my podcast The Bigg Ho Pod Show currently hosted on iTunes and Soundcloud. I have another podcast currently in production, The G Clef Project; be sure to look for that show in the near future on iTunes, Soundcloud as well as Stitcher Radio. The great thing about my podcasts and many others is that they can be automatically downloaded as soon as a person subscribes to the show.

Podcasts are quickly replacing many written mediums in our society and are becoming the most powerful form of verbal blogging today, so make sure you don’t miss out by tuning into a podcast about your favorite subjects and celebrities.G Clef logo