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Central Florida DJ Provides Classic Car for Weddings and Special Events

Every wedding or major event comes with many questions that those who have to plan for it often ask themselves. You need to choose your venue, the types of foods you wish to serve, the guest list and the type of clothing style you want.  You must then decide what type of transportation to choose that will give you the most exciting entrance and exit for that special day.

These days, more often than not, people are taking a step outside the box and coming up with new ways and ideas that will provide the most fun-filled and best experience possible for their important occasions. Limousines can give you a professional and business-like appearance, but who really wants to be so mundane on such an exciting and joyful day?

Take Kate Moss for example. You would think that with the commonly popular limousines today, that she would have done the same for her wedding. However, for her special day, she rolled through with style in a classy looking Rolls-Royce. You can read more about her wedding and check out photos at Hello Magazine.

Hopefully by now, you are starting to get some fresh new ideas running through your mind about what you could possibly use for your wedding day or upcoming event. Something we have that’s extremely special and exclusive from G Clef Productions is our beautiful classic 1955 Chevrolet sedan “Marco!” It is the perfect way to get you to and from your wedding ceremony or reception in a style and class that will make every one of your guests jealous! Your driver is highly courteous and will always be on time and elegantly dressed in a black tuxedo with a chauffeurs hat……just like in the movies!

Picture yourself driving down the street into the sunset, newly married, in your classic Chevrolet with tin cans dragging behind telling the world that you just got married!



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